Climbing with Sam Beaugey

The secrets of Sam Beaugey

Sam Beaugey is the terrible child of Chamonix. There is no mountain he has not climbed, no corridor he has not braved on skis, no rocky peak he did not use to jump into the void. But don’t worry, he can be reasonable when it comes to guiding budding adventurers in his huge kindergarten.

About Sam Beaugey

A father mountain guide, a mother ski instructor and former refugee guardian, a brother paragliding instructor, Sam grew up at the foot of Mont Blanc. In 1994, he joined the Compagnie des guides de Chamonix. Pitons, crampons, ice axes, wingsuit, paragliding, snowkiting, skiing, snowboarding … the hardest thing for him is to find a bag big enough to bring all his toys! Sam is an all-mountain climber: first ski lift of the Linceul in the Grandes Jorasses (1995) with Jérôme Ruby in snowboard, opening in the Himalayas of Sky blue in Kwangde Shar (1995), 700 jumps in Base-jump since 1994, attempted snowboarding of the north face of Everest (1998), opening of the Azazel track with the team of Planet Big Wall and first wing jump of the Pulpit of Trango (2005) … and still alive!