Learn free diving with world champion Morgan Bourc'his

The secrets of Morgan Bourc'his

Morgan Bourc’his knows every corner of the creeks of Marseille, his adopted city. He goes very regularly in Corsica where he can make you discover the most beautiful sites of the reserve of Scandola or Lavezzi. The many competitions have also led him to dive from Mexico’s cenotes to the crystal clear waters of the Philippines through the incredible scenery of the Red Sea.

About Morgan Bourc'his

Morgan Bourc’his is a French freediver. He lives in Marseille, a mythical city created by Greek sailors and a world historical temple of scuba diving. A former swimmer, Morgan is a specialist in diving without equipment considered the purest and most demanding. He is multiple record holder of France and Europe in constant weight without fins, as well as World champion 2013 of this discipline. He is now one of the few professional athletes in this sport.

“When I dive into the depths of the sea, I merge with it and open a door to another dimension. Then time, space and my senses change. “