Botanic with the director of the National Museum of Paris Marc Jeanson

The secrets of Marc Jeanson

Marc Jeanson has a privileged access to several millions of plants listed in the Paris Botanical Museum which he manages at the age of 30! No doubt he will pass on his passion.

About Marc Jeanson

Marc Jeanson is an agronomist graduated from the Institut National Agronomique of Paris – Grignon and a botanist, doctor in plant systematics from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and the New York Botanical Garden (United States). His doctoral thesis, defended in 2011, is devoted to a group of palm trees from Southeast Asia. Thanks to many field experiences on different continents he has a good knowledge of tropical flora. Co-organizer and scientific co-leader since 2012 of the Botanical Encounters of Varengeville (Normandie), he collaborates regularly with various actors of the world of the gardens and is in particular organizer of the exhibition “Jardins” which took place in the Grand Palais from March 15th to July 24th, 2017. He is the author of numerous scientific publications but also of scientific supports for specialists or the general public. Marc Jeanson is since 2013 the head of the collections of the national herbarium at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.