Cooking with Jean Sulpice, chef of the year 2018

A propos de Jean Sulpice

As a native of Aix les Bains born into a family of restaurateurs, Jean Sulpice has cooking in his blood. Jean Sulpice received his first star at the age of 26, followed by his second star at the age of 31, making him a true phenomenon in the world of gastronomy. .
He has lived with his wife, Magali, in Val Thorens since 2002. This young Savoyard chef, trained by Marc Veyrat (among others), chose to bring his culinary talent up to the summits. Thus, he has not chosen a particularly easy path… “High-altitude gastronomy can never work.” How many times have you heard this sentence? Nevertheless, Jean Sulpice is a gourmet mountain man. .
For 10 years, he has elevated Savoyard cuisine to the highest level, featuring local farmers and produce in his gastronomic creations. 10 years of passion and perseverance landed him two stars and made “Jean Sulpice” the highestaltitude starred restaurant in all of Europe. .
A spirited athlete and lover of the mountains, Jean Sulpice likes to think outside the box and draw his inspiration from nature. He values an instinctive approach in the kitchen – one of precision and balance that places the emphasis on produce without any bells or whistles. “My cooking is, above all, dictated by nature and by the desire to please. It is an inspired cuisine that doesn’t compromise on taste or respect for produce – a cuisine based on the coherence of flavor and texture.” .
In 2017, a new adventure has begun. Jean and Magali sold the Oxalys and bought the prestigious Auberge du Père Bise on the banks of Annecy Lake. A fantastic challenge. No doubt they will be up to the task.