Volcanology with world specialist Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff

The secrets of Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff

Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff has approached most active volcanoes on the planet. He will make you discover these giants of fire when they wake up, when the lava illuminates the night.

About Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff

Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff is Associate Professor and Doctor of state in volcanology. Besides his research and teaching at the University Paris-Sud Orsay, he is also the author and co-author of over 350 books, scientific publications and as popular books about volcanoes.

Great traveler, he accompanies several times television crews (Ushuaia Nature, France 3 …) and acts regularly on the screens (JT TF1, France 2 JT …) to  present volcanoes to the public.

He is now one of the leading specialists in eruptive dynamics (Caribbean, Central America, Indonesia, Greece, Cameroon), natural hazards, volcanic islands (Kerguelen Islands, French Polynesia), old volcanism (Bulgaria, Madagascar, Turkey) , planetary analogs (Iceland, March).