Free Diving Improvement Course in Corsica with a World Champion

3 Days / 6 Pers. / 925€ per pers.

Why Corsica?

Because Morgan knows well the Island of Beauty and he decided to team up with another apnea enthusiast, Stéphane Provent who lives near Bastia where he created a school of apnea (Corsica Free Diving). Together, they will offer you the best possible teaching in an exceptional marine environment.

About Morgan Bourc'his

Morgan Bourc’his is a French free diver. He lives in Marseille, a mythical city created by Greek sailors and a world historical temple of scuba diving. A former swimmer, Morgan is a specialist in the disciplines without assistance and equipment considered the purest and most demanding. He is multiple recordman of France and Europe in constant weight without fins, as well as 2013 World Champion of this discipline. He has now become one of the few professional athletes in this sport.

“When I dive into the depths of the sea, I merge with it and open a door to another dimension. Then time, space and my senses change. ”

All you have to know

For free divers able to reach or exceed 10 m depth:

  • 3 sea trips;
  • 3 theoretical courses (breathing, physiology, compensation techniques);
  • Static / dynamic work;
  • Rescue
  • Perfection of the technique for deep apnea;
  • Improvement of the preparation by mentalization technique;
  • Improvement of the compensation;
  • Work on depths of 10 to 40 m;
  • Aquatic ballade on 0 to 20 m after deep apnea.

By clicking on “Add to basket” you can specify the number of people who wish to participate then book your experience. We remind you that the program will be confirmed as soon as 4 people are registered. For a specific group, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

The price includes

Accommodation (double room) during the course, food, transportation from the ferry terminal or Bastia airport, practice (2 certified freedivers), transportation for practice.

The price does not include

The flight or shipping to Bastia. The diving equipment. Aperitifs and wines. Single room (extra price)

This course is intended for people who know apnea and who are comfortable on depths from 10 meters. These people are free divers who practice this discipline regularly.

This free diving improvement course in Corsica aims to learn or improve techniques to go further. This course will allow you to highlight the specific problems that remain recurrent during your deep descents and prevent you from progressing. We will work specifically on these issues through dry and in-water techniques. Correcting these problems will help you improve your techniques and allow you to go lower while taking maximum pleasure.
We will work on the techniques of deep apnea, we will approach during three theoretical sessions the subjects of the breathing, the physiology of the apnea, the posture, the air intake, the relaxation and the stretches by the Yoga and other methods. All of these themes will be reworked on some drills, but also in the water. A more specific point will be made on the compensation which is a theme often addressed during the internship, because the compensation is often the problem of many free divers.
We will work together on exercises of mentalization, a deep descent, which allows to simulate the sensations felt during the real immersions.
This service includes 4 sea trips and 3 theoretical courses. During the theoretical courses, we will address the specific points of physiology, breathing, introspection by relaxation and relaxation and compensation.
The 4 sea trips will be done most of the time from the port of Toga which is located just a little north of Bastia. We will then take the boat CFD and navigate about 10 minutes to reach a spot that will allow us to work safely while admiring the beautiful landscapes of the Corsican coast. Of course if the weather does not allow to stay on the east side of the Island of Beauty, we will find a possible fallback west side to the port of Saint-Florent that could largely allow us to complete this course.
The sea trips will take place at depths of 10 to 40 meters.

Free divers will come with their own equipment.

For those who can not take their equipment with them or who simply do not have it, Stéphane Provent can provide you with everything you need. However, it will be necessary to be informed sufficiently in advance to find the sizes which suit you.


For all nationals of a country of the European Union, the valid identity card is sufficient. For countries outside the European Union, the passport is mandatory.

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Depending on your nationality, the duration and reason for the stay you plan to make in France, it is advisable to bring a visa.
To do this, contact the French consulate or the French Embassy in your country of residence.

Privatization of the Experience

Want to go with family or friends on the dates you want?

We can privatize this experience for a group from 2 people. Ask us for a quote. A Somewhere Club Travel advisor will then contact you to discuss your project and provide you with a personalized quote.