Free Diving with world champion and underwater photographer Fred Buyle

The secrets of Fred Buyle

Fred Buyle went on an expedition to Antarctica with a group of freedivers in 2013. He met humpback whales and leopard seals. This is where he can guide you for an unforgettable experience. But you can also accompany him when he places GPS tags on the great white shark in Guadalupe, Mexico, when he photographs the hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas or when he approaches the sperm whales and their cubs in the Azores.

About Fred Buyle

Freediving competitor, Fred Buyle beats in 1995 the world record weight variable in lake with 51 m (Belgium). In 1997, he brakes the record in constant weight with 53 m in a lake (Switzerland). He brings this record to 58m in 1999 and 65m in 2001. In addition to these world records, he hangs many more trophies to his prize list between 1995 and 2004.

After the race to records, Fred Buyle then concentrates himself on the art of photography (a passion inherited from his great-grandfather) and underwater video with a peculiarity: all pictures are taken in apnea .

This feature owes him an international reputation in the world of apnea, the greatest champions having been photographed or filmed by Fred Buyle.