Diving with the explorer Francis Le Guen

The secrets of Francis Le Guen

Francis Le Guen is the Cousteau of his generation with an impressive number of dives in all the oceans of the planet. He will drive you to the giant tortoise cemetery in Indonesia or show you the almost invisible dwarf hypocamps.

About Francis Le Guen

Director, adventurer, explorer, photographer, journalist, author and TV presenter, Francis wears many hats with great passion. He has practiced diving for ages in freshwater lakes, caves and underground rivers and won several world records. He has crossed the seven seas in every direction for magazines, newspapers and television. His scientific background allows him to address issues in depth in his media productions. He is a consultant for Evian Water Center, an author of several books and films, including “Ushuaia,” and founder and first editor of the month magazine Divers International. He has presented weekly columns for five years on the Trvel Channel while designing the series “Diving Notebooks” which now has 30 regular broadcasts on Voyage TV in France, TMC, Planete Thalassa, Stopovers, Ushuaia TV and France 5. He is seen onscreen as a writer and host of the series “AU Fil de l’Eau,” “Bleu clair,” and “La Route de l’Eau” on Voyage TV and France 3 and recently filmed for France 5 and Discovery Channel’s new HDTV series “Carnets d’expedition.” Meanwhile, he explores the world of algorhythmic art and fractals and produces original works. In 2010, he created and edited the first four issues of the interactive magazine Plongeur.com. In 2012 he began creating a new collection of diving books.