Flying with the Cinebulle designer Dany Cleyet-Marrel

The secrets of Dany Cleyet-Marrel

Dany Cleyet-Marrel invented the cinebulle to make travelings during the shooting of the show “Ushuaia Nature”. He traveled the world with Nicolas Hulot (french environment minister and former presenter of the tv documentary) and flew over breathtaking landscapes. No doubt you will find a destination that inspires you with such a pilot and a unique flying machine in the world.

About Dany Cleyet-Marrel

His passion for travel and ballooning, his meeting with filmmakers and scientists led him to the development of a new kind of balloons to meet their specific needs. Fun devices at the beginning, these aerostats (balloons, gas balloons, rozieres, airships) became aerostatic tools.

Therefore, the cinema and television ask him for unusual shots. Thus he participates in numerous shootings, especially for programs presented by Nicolas Hulot, “Ushuaia Nature” or those presented by Frederic Lopez, “Rendez-vous en terre inconnue”. His “Cinébulle” became familiar to documentary filmmakers.

Dany Cleyet-Marrel is also the father of the “Radeau des cimes”, this scientific expedition carried out with the botanist Francis Hallé at the top of tall trees in the forest of Guyana and Gabon, Madagascar, Panama and recently in Laos. Tireless inventor, he created for this specific mission the “Canopy Bubble” and “Canopy Glider” to facilitate the movement of the scientific team on the canopy.