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A propos de Claire et Reno Marca

Claire & Reno Marca, author and illustratorphotographer, travel and publish stories of their adventures for 10 years. A couple in life and at work, united by the taste of elsewhere and the unknown.

Their first experience in 2000 leads on the road for a long journey that will take them away from Africa to the Pacific for three consecutive years. Genesis of a life of passion, these “3 Years Journey” were recounted in a book published in 2005 by Editions de La Martini√®re. Award-winning, the first illustrated story launched the beginning of a series of travel and publications for the press and travel stories with this great publishing house to which they are still loyal after five books. Madagascar, Algeria, Yemen, Sudan, Sultanate of Oman, Japan their adventures favor human encounters, sober ways and slow discovery guided by accident.

Other parallel collaborations with Asaf Avidan, Jean-Michel Lorain, Christophe Aribert or Ushuaia are invitations to adventure and business opportunities. Always curious to cross different worlds in their work, they now have film projects that combine video and drawings.