Go on an adventure with Christophe Cousin, presenter of ``New Explorers``

About Christophe Cousin

Christophe Cousin decided to dedicate his life to adventure, writing, shooting and travelling. Seeking his own geography, the mystery of distant lands is his playground, slow modes of transport its way of exploring, the diversity and richness of human nature the source of his testimony. He claims the subjectivity of the traveler’s gaze both written and through images. Placing himself at breast height. Focusing on those living in the least enlightened side of the world.

From 2003 to 2005, he made a bicycle tour of the Earth with more than 30000km, a genuine initiatory voyage after which he was noticed by Arthaud Editions and published “Happiness at the end of the handlebar.”

From 2005 to 2007 he roams the world in search of utopian societies, to meet those who want to sow the promises of a better world. He signed “On the road to Utopia” Arthaud editions and published numerous articles in magazines.
Since 2007, he produced and presented the “Nomads Land” series (17 x 52mn) for “The New Explorers” on Canal +. He is interested in relations of men to space and nomadism. He walks with those who live in the open anywhere, whether Tuaregs in their salt caravan or illegals in Mexico, Evenk reindeer herders in Siberia or Salesian missionaries on the Rio Negro. In 2011, he signed his third voyage in the Americas and publishes “In the wheels of Jack Kerouac” with the photographer Matthieu Paley Editions de la Martinière.
In 2012, he mounted an expedition in search of the last stonemasons’ men on the planet, Papua.
In 2013 and 2014, he made a round of the Arctic Ocean and travels to the North Pole to address some issues that are already emerging above the Arctic Circle and to portray these people, whether Inuit or Nenets, Chinese millionaires or Canadian military who live there or visit the area.

He works for several years for France Télévisions as director of “The Mythical roads” of “Echapees Belles” on France 5, or emissions “Faut pas rever” and “Thalassa” on France 3.