Medicine with Doctor Bernard Fontanille

The secrets of Bernard Fontanille

Bernard Fontanille has explored more than 50 countries in search of traditional doctors, from Peru to Vietnam through China. A way to travel to the heart of the beliefs of many people.

About Bernard Fontanille

Bernard Fontanille is an emergency doctor, accustomed to interventions in difficult terrain. A frequent traveler, sensitive and passionate, he travels the world for various medical missions, whether it is to supervise teams or to treat others, protect them and relieve their pain. His curiosity and his humanity guide his approach, his need to experiment, his desire to discover others.

Also attracted by the world of cinema documentary and writing, he co-wrote with the journalist-reporter Elena Sender the book “Besides Medicines” published by La Martini√®re (2014) which illustrates traditional and ancestral medicines, as well as the universal link that unites a patient and his trainer. This book accompanies the eponymous documentary series broadcast on Arte in which each program invites to discover a country, a doctor and a way of healing.