Speleology in the Vercors Massif

Why the Vercors?

Because Barnabé was born there and knows the massif by heart. He will make you discover real underground treasures with splendid approach walk, by foot or with donkeys. Barnabé offers two programs: “La Faille du Parquet”, an introduction to speleology for famillies that will take you to the heart of a huge ice tunnel; and “Pot 2”, a vertical dive in limestone country, for thrill seekers.

About Barnabé Fourgous

Barnabe Fourgous is a guide of caving and canyoning, and a rescuer. He belongs to the scientific crew of the French Federation of Speleology (topography, biospeleology, karstology). From his native Vercors to Papua, from Mexico to New Zealand, from the Eastern to Chile, he is a regular of international shipments. In 2009, he explores the underground Everest, reaching the bottom of Voronya Krubera in Abkhazi, the deepest cave of the world (-2180 m). However, despite this achievement, Barnabas remains modest. What he loves above all, is the strength of the ties that gather men and women in the underworld, where nature is more powerful than anything.