Sailing with Alain Thébault

The secrets of Alain Thébault

Alain Thébault was a forerunner in the field of foil navigation with the Hydroptere. A pharaonic project that led him to break speed records and then move towards the construction of “flying” taxis (SeaBubble). Alain Thébault is inexhaustible on the subject and will be able to share with you all his past, present and future ideas.

About Alain Thébault

For more than 30 years, Alain Thébault has been pursuing his childhood dream of flying yachts. From the first wooden models, at the beginning of the eighties, to the absolute sailing speed records with L’Hydroptère in 2009, Alain Thébault was able to convince sailors, engineers and industrialists to follow him in this extraordinary challenge. Absolute speed records in pocket (more than 50 knots), the L’Hydroptère pilot dreamed of ocean records, the ultimate frontier for flying sailboats. Unfortunately, the weather played tricks and the Hydroptère adventure ended. But, like a phenix reborn from the ashes, Alain Thébault has embarked on a large-scale ecological project: SeaBubble. To fly small cars on the surface of rivers in capitals to relieve traffic and clean up the atmosphere. Wish him good luck!